Creating but not publishing pages

(Ed Foskey) #1

I was not sure how to name this topic, but I know how to ask the question:

I am totally rebuilding my website from nothing. So far, I have completed 12 pages of the site.


Now that I have completed the basic structure, what I have been doing is working on one project summary page per week and uploading because I want to add one new page per week (something about google ranking and adding new content on a regular basis).

What I would like to do this week and next week, because my work travel schedule is much lighter than normal, is complete a number of pages and save them in RapidWeaver but only publish one a week. Did I not hear Dan and Ben one time on the PodCast talking about being able to do that?

Here would be my work flow for the next four or five weeks if I could do this:

  1. Create project pages 6-10 within my RapidWeaver project file on Thursday of week 1
  2. Upload project page 6 on Friday of week 1
  3. Upload project page 7 on Friday of week 2
  4. Upload project page 8 on Friday of week 3
  5. Upload project page 9 on Friday of week 4
  6. Upload project page 10 on Friday of week 5

Is there not some way to tag a page as not ready for publishing and change the tag when I am ready to publish it? THAT is what I thought I hear Dan and Ben discuss.

Thanks, in advance, for any help you can offer.


(Jason Bostick) #2

If you label them as ‘Draft’ in your page inspector, they’ll be saved but not published. So, you could just go in on Friday of Week 1, uncheck page 6, and then publish.

(Ed Foskey) #3


Thanks for your help! I knew it was probably something fairly simple that I was overlooking. I kept looking for a pop-up menu item on each page when clicking a page name.