Creating text with drop down menu?

(Tyler) #1

I’m new to Rapidweaver and trying to figure out some things and could really us help.
I’m creating a website and looking to make the text on the page have a drop down menu and was wondering how I could do this.

Here is an example, the text CAPS is the main text and under it is what I want to have open when you hover over the CAPS text.


  • Phone Number
  • Address


  • Facebook

(NeilUK) #2

You would need to use an Offline Page to get that working, some info here.

(Anugyan) #3

Try PopDrop by BWD it creates popups and drop down that can include text, images etc. This should work fof you… his stacks are wonderfull and free too!(

(Greg Schneck) #4

Another option perhaps:

(David) #5

And there’s also Defligra’s DropDown2Go:

(Tyler) #6

I’ll check those out… Thanks!