Creating dropdown items in Rapidweaver

Hi everyone, I’m new to Rapidweaver and have just purchased along with stacks 3 and foundation. I have been a Freeway user until now and I have a newbie question which I can’t seem to find anywhere:

How do I create a drop-down item on the menu/page setup. I have created a new page and dragged it on top of another page but it does not create a dropdown in the main menu in the top bar in Foundation.

Thanks in advance


look at topbar inspector, thats where you control it. Scope

Thanks Scott - I’ve checked and my settings are the same as your example. How do I arrange or structure the pages in the main RW page tree on the left because the page I dropped on top is not showing up in the menu either on hover or click.


Hi Mark, It should look similar to this:

And make sure page is set to show in navigation in page inspector.


I’ve checked all the settings and they seem to be correct. I have uploaded the example and it looks as though the dropdown is ‘hidden’ as when you hover over ‘commercial’ it can just be seen but it is not revealing the 3 extra page links.

It’s probably something I’m overlooking but I have checked each of the page settings as per your post above and all seems in order.

Thank you for your patience here Scott!


Hi Mark, I think there is a simple explanation for this: you simply don’t have enough content on your page(s) so that the menu has enough room to drop down. Try adding some content to the pages (for example just one ore more paragraphs of text) and you will see the menus appear. Hopefully. :wink:


I believe Mathias is correct, Try putting a paragraph stack on the page, I can see them on mobile so they are there.


Thanks Matthais, thanks Scott - that’s done the trick!

One more thing learned… :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help.