Drop-down-menu in Stacks


I recently bought Stacks for RapidWeaver, and I was looking forward to have a drop-down-menu, instead of having 1 menu item for each page.

Is it possible? What would be the best way?


If you are building a website normally in RapidWeaver (using a conventional theme) then it is the job of the theme to determine how the website navigation is handled. There are a lot of third party themes available for RapidWeaver that support drop-down menus. You can continue to use the Stacks plugin with any of these themes, to build the framework for your content to sit within. And a RapidWeaver theme will automatically generate the list of page navigation links and mark the current one, the user is on.

Menu stacks are less widely available. There are certainly several available out there (a Google search will help you find them). But a major problem with drop-downs in Stacks is that Stacks applies ‘overflow:hidden’ on all stack elements you put in a page. So therefore it is very difficult for developers to create a menu that will actually ‘drop down’ from the container stack. Hence there is not a huge choice menu stacks available. Again it is normally the job of the theme to do your site navigation.

To be brutally honest, I think the concept of drop-down menu’s in websites is a little beyond its prime nowadays. Drop-downs were originally created to emulate menu bars on a computer. Since the incarnation of touch devices and developers wanting simpler and faster navigation, drop-downs are beginning to feature less in modern web design. Navigation is one of the most crucial aspects of a website, so it’s essential it works for everyone. If you think your website can function perfectly without a drop-down menu, then there is nothing wrong with that. Simple is best!