Cross-project partials feature

It would be nice to have a feature where I can create a “partial project” with many different partials or save a partial in RW that is available in any project that I am working on.

I have severals sub-domain websites example: / / etc. which all same header and footer and every time I need to change something in the header or footer. I have to copy one project to another sub-domain sub-domain then on so to next sub-domain project.

It would be cool to open first project and make change or update the partials then publish and open next project that it would prompted me it detect there been change in the partials to accept and publish etc. Or a single project page with only partials on it then it will publish it to all sub-domain that is linked to the partial project page.

With 2 projects open you can drag a Partial made in one project to the other which can save time but, changes or updates made in one won’t reflect in the other

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What Dave (@DaveFox) said is the only current workaround.
This would be a feature request for stacks(Partials are a stacks thing), so It would be best to post this request over on the stacks slack channel:

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As a matter of fact, I do have one special project with all my partials from different projects. When I need to use them in a new project, I just place the two projects side by side and copy-and-paste them to a new project.

I make sure that partials in each of my projects have a distinct naming pattern, so I always know which partial comes from which original project.

this is important to remember—so, if you make changes, create a new partial.

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