Reuse of partials


I have just finished a migration project from iWeb to RW6, and in that process I have made a bunch of partials. In the next project that I am just starting I would like to reuse some of the partials made in the former project.

Is that possible? And if yes, how to do :slight_smile:

Yes, click on the partial and copy and paste it to the new document. Works great.


After a few tries I have got it working.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

SteveB: A really good habit to get into, if you tend to use the same partials on all sites, is first create a template, with one page and all the partials you want on it. Save it as a template, then use it as the starting point for all new projects. It’s how i work with Foundation projects.

Thanks SteveB for the great suggestion! Just what I was looking for.

Although that’s a practical and easy workaround, I’d still like Stacks to add the feature of “Duplicate” Partials within a project in the next upgrade. It seems like reusing and modifying copies of Partials would be a natural reason for using them.

Not sure where you’ve quoted @SteveB from, but good advice anyway,
This sounds like a “stacks” feature request. You should request this on YourHeads slack page:

Thanks, I should have better attributed Steve. It was from here:

Also thanks for suggestion about feature request. Actually, I’ve always been hugely impressed by how responsive RW developers are.

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