SOLVED :- Using a Partial, why cant i use it more than one project?

Hi All, i have only today started to use “Partials”, I have two projects open at the same time, I can Drag some stacks from one project to another, but not every stack can i drag,

I made one of these un-draggable stacks into a Partial and it still wouldnt drag !

Then i thought ?, not always a good idea LOL, that if WAS a Partial in one project, shouldnt it THEN be available in the other Project .

But i was rather dumfounded to find that the Partial i created in one Project wasnt avaible in the other project. I even closed down both projects, after Saving of course, Turned off RW and restarted it, and still the Partial was only available in ONE project !!!, IS THIS IN FACT correct ???

As i said, i am DUMFOUNDED to find that a PARTIAL created in one project isnt available in all projects ??

What has everyone else thought about this , PLEASE ??? I am sure you have ALL used PARTIALS a lot more than me !.


I feel such a dope, i only need to search a little and i soon found that this question had already been asked, sorry to bother you chaps, i shall lay low for a while, NOW LOL.


as seen on the rear bumper of a car recently LOL