CSS code to change the background in the Storm theme

I am trying to add a photo of my own to the background in the the theme flood theme Storm.
Any help would be great.

For this type of help a link to the site usually helps.

i know…but they referred me to you guys!!

Who are they?

If you look at the sample site Storm RapidWeaver Theme | ThemeFlood there are instructions on how to change the background image without CSS.

Header container
Storm comes supplied with 40 example banner background images (numbered 1.jpg - 40.jpg). As always, you can use any of these example banner background images in your projects or use your own images in the banner instead. To use your own images, place an image in ExtraContent2 or use the FreeStyle banner technique. Your banner images will be scaled responsively and can also be enhanced with title and ALT attributes for the benefit of search engines

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But in order to do that…you have to modify the theme….CSS is much cleaner way.
Joe Martin



Read the post here on ThemeFlood @willwood’s knowledgebase: :


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