Trying to change the banner image of Wilderness theme

Ok, I have been racking my brain attempting to find this and figure it out. I contacted Themeflood and they are no help. They sent me the following.

Wilderness has a FreeStyle banner container, so this information in the Wiki will be applicable for setting up custom images:

now, what I gathered is I can drop in an image with out using Extra content plus so the banner will be across all my pages not just what has the Extra content box in it. Since my blog and my fly tying section can’t utilize the Extra content box it makes it kinda pointless.

Can some one explain to me in laymen terms what I am supposed to do?

Sounds to me like for the blog page and the fly tying section (??) you can just drop an image into the sidebar area. This is from these instructions:

removed content as asked by owner

Try putting your image in the sidebar area and name it something like they say above. Sounds like it should work.

I tried dragging it over and it wouldn’t input so I am sure of where to input the file to.

@willwood Hmm, just tried this myself with Wilderness 5.1.0 (according to Waterfall, that is the latest version of the theme) and it does not work. You can see what I did in this video. Seems to be exactly what your instructions say.

This could be because the theme is not updated for it to work like that. According to the Wilderness website, it was last updated on Jan 2015,

and the Themeflood wiki states this:
removed content as asked by owner

So maybe this one never got updated

In the demo project site which you can get here he uses this code in the sidebar:
<div id="fs"><img src="%pathto(images/editable_images/16.jpg)%"></div>
which is you put the image on your server and link to it or even in resources and link to it, it should work.

OK, here is a round about way of doing it.

A. Paste this code
<div id="fs"><img src="%pathto(images/editable_images/16.jpg)%"></div>
Into the sidebar. Leave everything the way it is now. When you do this, you should see a moon image as your banner.

B. Open up the Theme Drawer in RapidWeaver 6, find the Wilderness theme and control click on it. Find Show Contents and click on it. When you do a Finder window will open.

C. Below is the Finder Window, you will want to find the images folder and open it.

D. Once you open Images, find the folder called editable_images and open it. When you do you will see this:

E. The image you want to find is 16.jpg Once you find it, do NOT delete it, just rename it. I like to rename it 16original.jpg, this way you know it is the original image.

F. Find the image you want to use as a banner, and rename the image 16.jpg (it has to be a jpg image, so you will want to change it if it is something else). Once it is changed, drag your image into the editable_images folder. If you have RapidWeaver visible and in preview, you will see the image change to your banner image.

G. Close all Finder Windows and you should be good to go. Now if you want this on every page, you can just put the code from Part A in each sidebar for each page.

Hope this helps and you do not think it is too difficult. Good luck!

That just adds a picture to the side bar.

I know, that is why I said to @willwood that it does not work the way he told you to do it.

@zeebe Thank you so much. that worked perfect. Now time to PDF that post so I don’t lose it.

@garyp, I don’t have that particular theme but do other’s from that developer.

If you have an image as a resource, you may use this code in the sidebar

<div id='fs'><img src=%resource(riderpoints.jpg)% alt="Alt attribute goes here" /></div>

Resources cannot be dragged and dropped, you have to reference them via resource macro


In the sample above, the image is in the root of the resources folder

If I were to put it in a sub-folder of resources named banners, then the code would look like this

<div id='fs'><img src=%resource(banners/riderpoints.jpg)% alt="Alt attribute goes here" /></div>

The important thing here is that the area is styled, you just wrap the image in a div id’d as ‘fs’ for the theme to see it.

Does that work for you better than going in and modifying the Theme source?

The problem with @zeebe’s way is that when the Theme gets an update your, now renamed and selected theme images, will be overwritten by the updated theme… I suspect anyway :wink:


@Turtle is right about the theme getting updated, it will overwrite your image. If you wanted, you could just make a copy of the image in the editable_images folder, call it 16copy.jpg that should not get overwritten, then you can change the name of that again and it will work.

His idea to use resources will also work, I could not remember the macro for the resources or I would have told you about that as well, even though I am not of fan of using resources in a project, just my personal preference.

Good luck

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@Turtle and @zeebe

do they have tutorials for the code that you guys are writing? This would be a great help for people like me who do this as a hobby and not as a profession.

When you say

Alt attribute goes here

What do you mean by Alt attribute goes here, when I input the code with the directions you stated, it just makes it a blank banner box as if nothing is there.

I placed a folder in my resources named banner so mine should look like this

.................................. And the resource macro your speaking from what I am gathering is, you still use the sidebar to input all the code right?

Now I use the side bars for information. Would this interfere with the placement of said information or does it act as if the sidebar information code I place inside the sidebar doesn’t exist so when I type in the information I want it is all there in the format and style I want?

There seems to be some confusion and bad advice evident in this thread. As the developer of the Wilderness theme, please allow me to set things straight…

Firstly I don’t provide 24/7 support. If you contact me late at night I probably cannot reply until the following day. If an email lacks details of what you have read or tried already, then you’re likely to get a fairly vague response back from me, like links to existing support documents on the website. I think others on this forum may testify that I am one of the better developers, when it comes to customer support. I was still answering support emails on Christmas day!

Secondly my wiki, like all my websites, is copyright. I would appreciate if people would respect my work and refrain from copying content onto these forums - for the simple reason that when I update the wiki (which I often do), the old content will still be left on these forums. That poses the risk of misleading and confusing people who arrive at this thread at a later time. If you want to repost any of my content, the polite thing is to ask for my permission first and to correctly reference the source, including the link and date of retrieval.

The method of dragging and dropping a named image into page sidebars is a feature exclusively found in FreeStyle 2.0, in themes released after 28th November 2015. It is not supported in FreeStyle 1.0. The Wilderness RapidWeaver theme is still using FreeStyle 1.0, so that particular technique will not work for embedding banner images. I don’t know why it has been recommended on here - the themes that support FreeStyle 2.0 and named images are already clearly listed on the Wiki to limit confusion. Dropping images into a sidebar is not going to work unless the underlying framework of the theme supports it too. Expect this to be something added in Wilderness 5.2.

If you want a copy of the Wilderness theme (or any one of my themes) that has FreeStyle 2.0, then you simply have to ask me for it via email. That will then give you the capability to drag and drop named images into your sidebar. I have not had time to release many theme updates in recent weeks, owing to illness, all the other RapidWeaver announcements (see the forums for details) and the fact I’m awaiting the arrival of Bootstrap 4. It would be easier for all involved to release one single theme update amalgamating all changes, rather than multiple updates in close succession.

The example demo site for Wilderness can be downloaded using the link in the product page sidebar. That will demonstrate exactly how the banners work and give you an instant project file to build actual websites with. These project files are free to download and I do not charge for them or impose any other restrictions. The Wilderness demo site is making use of the FreeStyle code snippets, within the sidebars. These short snippets pull an image from the theme and embed it safely within the designated theme banner. The image will scale responsively and the addition of ALT attributes will greatly improve SEO - of particular importance to content placed above the page fold. Over time, FreeStyle has proven to be one of the very best opensource theme plugins for embedding banner images.

Regarding theme updates, all my RapidWeaver themes have support for Waterfall update checking (see the Nimblehost website for details). I was one of the first developers to adopt this update checking system into my themes. We NEVER destructively overwrite themes - instead each version of the theme is installed into RapidWeaver alongside older copies of the same theme. That’s why when you use my themes, you see the version number printed next to the theme name. I’ve never heard of one of my theme customers installing an update and complaining their modifications or custom images have been trashed! Of course if you plan on using a theme with different projects or making major changes to it; the wise thing to do would be to duplicate the theme and give it a new name. Duplication and renaming will omit the theme from update checking; so that theme becomes orphaned and is yours to do what you want with.

As part of the theme purchase, I am happy to duplicate / rename the theme and include any number of custom images you wish. I get asked to do it all the time, nearly daily. This is already mentioned on the ThemeFlood website. I know if it not a service very many other RapidWeaver theme developers are willing to provide, but it is something that exists here. I can show you exactly how to incorporate custom banner images and check they are suitably sized for what you want to accomplish.

Resources (previously known as assets) is a feature built into RapidWeaver and is not specific to any single theme. I would think Realmac Software has articles about resources on their support website or an official video tutorial. There is no PDF user guide for RapidWeaver 6, but you can save any page from the support website as a PDF, if you need to access it offline. Resources are basically custom files hard-linked to a project, which you can embed into pages using a macro. Resources can be safely used in banners, ExtraContent containers and just about anywhere else in a project. Personally I would not recommend using resources as a first choice for embedding images into a theme banners - there are better and easier ways of doing it.

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@willwood I did not mean to offend you and sorry if I did. Just trying to help. The thing that got me confused from your Wiki was this when you mention that starting in November 2015, you will be updating themes to use the next version of FreeStyle, I read this as it would be added to all of the themes as of November 2015, my mistake. I will remove any images or quotes from your wiki at this time.

About theme updates, I should have realized you do this as we get support issues and people who do not update will tell us old versions. It is great that you add the version number in the theme name, I think it is an excellent idea.

Again, sorry if I offended you, was not my intention and I will remove any info from your wiki

No offensive caused and I / we appreciate the attempt to help this particular RapidWeaver user. I just have to be very careful about where my content ends up. I regularly update the wiki with new content (something changes somewhere on there nearly every day), and it would be a shame if somebody landed upon a thread like this (in a few years from now) and was under the impression stuff was broken or started following outdated instructions that lead to a dead end. It starts to become a support nightmare when users refer to incorrect documentation, and the frustration quickly mounts. It’s often better to send people along to the official support channels, as a first response.

If you wish to repost any of my content (like quote something in a forum thread or re-blog an article like website SEO or speed optimisation) just contact me first. It’s never normally a problem. It’s just good to know where content is going and knowing the information being shared is accurate, relevant and isn’t going to change much or harm readers. I can say right now that the information about FreeStyle will certainly be changing within the next few months, once this batch of updated themes goes live. There is also a brand new FreeStyle stack in development right now (scheduled for released before April), and that involves renewing all the support documentation too.


Your support is super, it is unfortunate that some people want 24/7 and not everyone can provide it but that is fine, we try to help here when you’re not available :slightly_smiling:

No offence meant, please accept apologies if I have, simply stated that a modified Theme source file set may get over-ridden on a Theme update.

So, I have a Theme of yours (a version 1 lets say), somewhere around version 3 you decide to change images in the Theme.

If I have copied my file over one of the images at the Theme source you’re saying it won’t be overwritten when the Theme is updated in the Project (I am just trying to be perfectly clear here)?

Thanks Will

@Turtle @willwood @zeebe

I never requested 24/7 support. I do this as a hobby so attempting to follow the directions as provided didn’t work, I didn’t realize that the theme I had was not updated. You guys helped me greatly. I learned a lot. The customer support I received from @willwood was fantastic. He even sent a video for me to see what I was doing and gave me the updated theme. If I didn’t have the updated theme you guys gave me a work around and it worked wonders. I don’t know how to read code and I would have never been able to figure this out on my own because I didn’t have a starting point.

This forum/board is what made me switch from Sandvox because basically it is so limited that I didn’t realize it until after I already used it for a year and when I wanted to update my site, I couldn’t. Yes there is always a learning curve however the fantastic group of people in this community is what keeps me sold on RW and why I have recommended it to a few friends who have purchased it as well. It is a little pricy for a hobby but so is building cars and fly fishing. The learning curve is much higher though.

The site looks fantastic and I love the new things that I can do with the site because of 1. the software, but 2. (most importantly) people like @Turtle and @zeebe who helped me so much. When ever I have had a question on anything it was normally one of 3 people that have helped me, so thank you @Turtle @zeebe and @robbeattie .

So if I offended any one I am sorry for it.



No, No, no… no apologies needed! I was not mentioning the 24/7 regarding you at all, sorry for the miscommunication there… that is generally speaking term that some people want 24/7 support. Some people don’t rtfm, look at FAQ’s, contact the developer at all. So, in my opinion, you were stuck, needed advice and we gave what we could, @willwood stepped in appropriately and told us how to rtfm lol

rtfm = Read the Flipping Manual :wink:

Happy to help where able, I know @zeebe and @robbeattie and most of the other regulars help where they are able and when able. most developers are on this forum as well and offer pretty good service if you ask me as a whole, not just Joe or Will, but a good majority of them.

Sorry for any confusion

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An example would be that you have a version 1.4 of a theme installed on your computer which you have opened to edit and put your own custom banner images in.

A few weeks later Waterfall reports that version 1.5 is available as a free update. Regardless of whether you download the update via Waterfall or using your download link, you will then have BOTH 1.4 and 1.5 installed in RapidWeaver and available for selection in the themes panel. The 1.4 version would still contain your custom images and would remain applied to your project. The 1.5 version would be a fresh copy of the theme, with none of your modifications applied. The same as if you had just purchased the theme new and gone to use it for the first time.

On the assumption you wanted to apply 1.5 to your project, you would select the theme in the RW theme panel. You could copy-over your custom.css, custom.js and editable_images folder from the theme contents, if you wanted to migrate previous theme modifications over and continue using them.

At no point would the update overwrite a previous theme or undo your modifications. I can’t speak for other theme developers, but I don’t handle updates like that myself. Each theme version is treated as a new theme. We never delete or overwrite anything during the update process.

I would still strongly recommend always duplicating and renaming a theme you are about to modify. There might be instances where you want to modify a theme for different websites - like including different sets of banner images for each project. Likewise if you request technical support or modification for a theme, I’ll nearly always ask for the theme to be sent to me and I’d probably only install it if it has a new name and is not going to overwrite my themes at this end.


I’m sorry, but the current version of Waterfall doesn’t work that way I believe.

Waterfall see’s a Theme update and you download it and install it (either from site or from Waterfall) and this is what I see in the Theme drawer (using Dawn as an example… only the most current version of the Theme)

Waterfall makes a 'Backup" of the previous version of the Theme and stores it in a Backup folder as seen in the following image.

So, to me, this will overwrite any custom images inserted into the Theme source files. Which is why nobody should edit the Theme content and find other ways to modify images instead of at the source imho…

Please correct me if I am wrong here because it is confusing for users,

Thanks a bunch and hope you’re coming along medically.