Custom background with video player

Hi everyone, does anyone know an easy way to create a custom background that takes up the entire page and the ability to place a video player on top or is there a place holder for that? I would like for it to be universal on every medium.

I was about to recommend you take a look at Video Plus from Doobox but I can’t seem to find it on Gary’s site.

Is it still an active product @Doobox?


Sections Pro from

I may be wrong but I don’t think videos can auto play in iOS unless something has changed.

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Doobox’s Play stack can create full screen video backgrounds (but it doesn’t work on mobile devices because of Apple’s restrictions). I believe Will Woodgate also has a stack that can do this. And yes, BWD’s Sections Pro can do it as well.

Joe Workman’s Eclipse can do this as well, but like everything else, not on mobile.