Fullscreen YouTube video background stack or plugin?

Is there a stack or plugin that can do fullscreen YouTube/Vimeo/mp4 whatever .- something along the lines of this site?


Weird, the background does not appear to be a movie for me on that site, but if you want a video background, check out Joe’s Eclipse stack, that should do what you want.

Click the play button on anything on the landing page - that’s what I meant. I’ve got Eclipse, but it won’t entirely fill the background, as far as I can tell?

https://stacks4stacks.com/utubefill/ - as the name suggests, does YouTube videos full screen.

https://stacks4stacks.com/freestyle/ - might do full screen video as well.

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried both of those and neither work? In Preview, no video appears - this is in Nic Cates’ theme, Iris. The video I’m using is a Public video.

Are you looking at a mobile (touch) device? Because those won’t autoplay.

No, I’m on a Mac on Safari. But, if it won’t work on a touch device then I probably ought not investigate further…