Custom Header Height in EZ3 theme and RW 4.4.2

I know I’m way out of date I’ve been sick with a chronic illness and bedridden and unable to update my site. As soon as I’m healthier I will buy the new rapidweaver. I still love the program.

I’m just trying to do a minor update while I have an opportunity right now and I’m removing the Slogan from my photography website

But the available header heights in styles are either too low/close to the nav bar or too high.

Can someone just help me out with some CSS for a custom header height? I’d like something between 65px and 85px

I’d also love to get rid of the “home” button in the navbar and make the site title a link to the homepage. I’ve wanted that since I created the site I just never realized how easy it was to make the site title a link. Problem is when I do that, the color of the site title changes to the link color selected on the page. So to do this I would also need custom CSS for a separate site title color and some way to find what the code is for the shade of yellow I would want (it’s supposed to look like light and it gets yellower and brighter when the cursor is over it).

Edit: In thinking about it I’m guessing that the best way to go about this is some CSS code that just tells the page to ignore link color for the title and then it will revert to what the page says for site title. But I don’t know. Just a guess.

Because the link color of my pages can’t be this same shade of yellow as the site title.

Thank you!

That link doesn’t open the page - you have to login. If you can share a viewable link, someone may be able to help.

Also, who made the EZ3 theme - have you got a note of the author?


Sorry the website is currently down because of misbehaving hosting providers as I’m trying to migrate to a green hosting company while my health allows. It should be back up soon.

The EZ3 theme is a Rapidweaver theme which I don’t know if they still make. The original theme wasn’t great for me but with a few CSS tweaks from people here I got a site I like quite a bit. It’s simple. Just meant to showcase my photography.

Aren’t CSS codes universal for all themes and versions of RW? I would think these would be easy ones for you wizards. But I don’t know enough about it.

Thank you!!

Unfortunately the CSS required to make changes varies from theme to theme, so there’s not a once-size-fits-all solution. Hence the need to see the site live. Post the URL when it’s back up and maybe someone can help. I can’t find any reference to the EZ3 theme anywhere.


Ok my website is live

It’s definitely not mobile friendly some galleries use flash but I love how I got the flash galleries to look. Very clean in my opinion. Flash was acceptable when I first made the site but by the time it wasn’t I was too sick to make a new site or add a mobile site as much as I wanted to.

I’m going to try to just make a new site since I have all the images for the galleries. Not sure if I’ll be able to though. Any recommendations for a simple responsive theme with a nav bar list on the left or similar to mine now but white?

I might wind up updating this site with this CSS code I’m humbly asking for then working on a new site slowly.

Thanks for the help

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