Header Failures

Hi there, I’m completely new to rapidweaver and new to web design too so apologies if this is the most stupid question ever!

I’m tearing my hair out trying to get a site logo or banner to work properly in Rapidweaver 8. Here’s the site currently (please ignore all the blurb around it which I’d stuck in to see where things go)


I want the “bandeoke scotland” logo to be much bigger and adjust in size depending on what device the user is look at but NOTHING i’ve found offers a solution!! I’d tried to search the forum and think someone suggested some CSS code but being honest I don’t know what this is or how I use it (blush!)

ANY advice would be massively appreciated an once again apologies if I’m just bing completely rubbish,


I am sure someone can give you the css…but if you publish and then replace this code…it will fix it.

Hi Joe and thanks for the super quick response - not gonna lie, I currently don’t know how to update the the css in rapidweaver (yup I’m that sh!te). A massive thank you for taking the time to offer the suggestion and if you could help me out in letting me know where to copy and paste this I’d owe you a serious beer or 5!

You’re using Header Pro from BWD I think? There are advanced responsive options in the “Header Pro - Type Settings” area. Select Custom with either basic or advanced responsiveness.Advanced allows you to set font size for 4 different screen sizes and you can adjust the breakpoints manually also.

You will also be constrained by the theme’s width settings which I don’t think are adjustable in Offroad - if that’s what you are using.

Additionally in Header Pro, you can select a Text Background - solid colour or semi transparent. This would help the red sub header stand out better.

Scroll down to Header Pro-Text background. Switch it on. Select a colour and in the colour picker drag the opacity slider if required

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