Custom Stack Programming

I am curious about how complicated it is to create custom stacks.

I do a lot of drawing with Vectorworks CAD. Over the years I have been able to hire programmers to write custom plugins for the software. These plugins provide additional utility that is not available natively within the software. These tools have really enhanced the productivity of the software for me and have been well worth the investment.

What I am wondering about is whether or not there are any services like this available within the RapidWeaver community? I have a very specific stack I would like to have produced that turns an image into a link and contains a numeric value for navigating to the image. Just a picture over the top of an integer.

Are there job boards where I could post a request like this to see how viable it would be to produce?

There’s the category here on the forum:

Not exactly for custom stacks. @willwood offers custom stacks.


Hey Tim,

your requirement should be fulfilled by any image stack which can add a link to an image. Usually the link itself can be cusomized, i.e. it can be text or a number. As an example, see the documentation of my Image stack (part of my Platform framework) here.


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