Is there a Stack that creates Custom cake?

Hello everyone… Excuse my weird Title, but I had no other way to simplify my question…Is there a Stack that will help you create a Custom food order? Some sort of “Make your own cake” thing. Just like the “Red” Pizza Place or the “Eat Fresh” company “Make your own Pizza or sandwich”

I AM NOT A FULL TIME WEB DESIGNER! its more like a hobby than a real job and Rapidweaver Speed things up a LOT.

I understand the language of website design (HTML CSS etc) I have already created some websites for my family and friends using Rapidweaver, and some other Software (Dw) but nothing compares to the following…

I have a friend that asked me for help on a website for her Baking company. She has seen my work and loves it. (She is also aware that I am not a PRO, but she still wants me for this) I sure did what she asked me, and I am really happy with the “final” version, and so is she.

Last night, she had the brilliant idea of selling her treats online, and wants her costumers to “Build a cake online” and I have NO IDEA how to even start with that. Not to mention that she wants to sell T-shirts online too. which will include a “Cart” and Payment options. but I want to solve one problem at a time.
Can someone HELP ME with this matter?
if there is not a specific stack for this, if someone can do something like this using HTML or something, I would love some help.

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