[Feature Request] Stacks 3: Add Custom Classes

While working on some projects earlier in RapidWeaver 7 + Stacks 3, I thought of how handy a “Custom Class/ID” feature would be in Stacks.

Maybe just a checkbox with “Custom ID/Class” that enables a field where you can enter a custom selector. Perhaps in the top part where the general settings for each stack are (Margin, Padding, etc).

Example: I have several instances of the same stack in a partial used throughout my site. Instead of having to copy the page/instance generated ID for each page, I could add a custom class and target the stack via the site wide code area.

Am I alone on this?

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I thought I’d post on the forum to see if it’s a problem that’s already been fixed and if it’s something other designers would appreciate! :slight_smile:

Great idea! I second this!

There are some great free stacks that add exactly that feature. Allowing you to wrap pretty much anything in a custom CSS Class (or pretty much anything else – a little searching on the community site gives a lot of nice results):

I know what you’re going to say though: “but Isaiah, this third party thing is great and all. and it’s hard to beat a FREE stack. everyone loves free. but why not include this feature in Stacks?”

Great question! Thanks for asking. Let me tell you: :stuck_out_tongue:

Some Stacks users are experts, but many are novices too. All the built in Stacks features should be usable by all of the users, not just a few.

If I were to include a feature like that, then overzealous forum experts or lazy 3rd party devs would require novice users to learn these features to get some things done. Novice users really really really don’t want to learn to write code.

Of course the Stacks API pretty much lets you do anything – so devs can build stacks (like the one above) for people that do like code – or they can build Stacks for novices. It’s up to them.



Thanks for the reply! I agree with you. I’ve been using said stacks as workarounds, but your reasoning makes sense!