How the heck do I choose stacks/foundry etc?

I am utterly bemused as to which of the very cool looking (but totally unexplained) add-ons to choose. Can anyone point me or explain how to choose? I don’t want to just buy Stacks and Foundry on spec and find I’ve wasted my money. What is the difference between them? REALLY wish it was less opaque!

Am not a professional site designer, just want to redo my own and the odd relatively simple one for friends and clients.

Staqcks (uppercase S) is a plug-in page-type from yourhead that you need to use stacks(lowercase) which are used to add all sorts of capabilities to a page. There are well over 1,000 stacks out there (many free) that do simple to very elaborate things.

Foundry is a framework (similar to a theme) that lets you start with a blake slate and build your pages the way you want. There are many frameworks available as well. Foundation from joe Workman is another very popular framework.

Most frameworks also come with their own basic set of layout stacks, and have even more that you can purchase for other features.

Hopefully that helps

Rapidweaver with Stacks is almost a must, after that, I’d suggest adding Source (a free download) and see how you get on with that. There are many other free stacks you can find and download.


Keep in mind the Framework systems (Foundry, Foundation, etc.,), and as Scott mentioned, are blank slates. This can be a bit intimidating for new designers, although I know Foundry has many helpful videos that explain what each stack does. I expect Foundation does too.

You will need Stacks from Yourhead for sure, then use one of the built in RW theme or purchase a theme that looks good to your eye and play with the stacks that come with Stacks and then branch out. Cmd-P to preview and see what looks right. The ultimate Mac experience, click and play!

Good luck…

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