Two Site Styles?

As I watched the site styles video, I believe I heard that there are two site style stacks? one for single pages and one for global styles? Is this correct? If yes, where do I get the global styles stack?

That used to be the case with Stacks 2 but not anymore since Foundation 1.5 and stacks 3.

In order to use global settings you can now simply make your site styles stack into a stacks3 partial and use it on every page with settings changes being updated site wide.

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I see, thanks. Is there information explaining how to use partials?

Here is the YourHead video on how to use partials

and @joeworkman has one that is targeted at Foundation.

Sorry, but I have another question regarding Site Styles. I was wondering how can I bring in my own swatches (upload a file) into Site Styles, also where can I enter hex numbers, or use a color picker?

In site styles settings, scroll down to the Swatches area and pick the swatch colors just as you would select any other color. When you click on a swatch color well, the OSX color picker will appear. If you want to enter hex values or rgb values just select the second icon in the color picker tab bar at the top

You cannot import a list of swatch colors.

I have another question hopefully you can answer.

In the foundation demo theme ( I am trying to edit the TopNav stack so it doesn’t stretch out completely when it is in a full width browser view. I am trying to make it fixed in a 1000 width just like the content below, but still have it responsive. Can you shed some light on how to do it? Tx

Never mind I found the answer, I had to check off ‘contain into body.’