Data Feed to Google Sheets

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to wire-up a data feed, but I’m failing miserably, wondering
if an expert can figure this out.

I want to get semi-real-time data from a Covid19 data feed, and
import it into Google Sheets, using the Import functionality in Google Sheets.

Then I will display the data in some combination of data and graphics, using
Live Data or Gsheet stacks, and one of the charting stacks.

Here is a list of the Import functions in Google sheets.

Here is the Feed Data Page.
and the feed

Thank You.

You don’t say what you have done thus far to try to achieve this yourself? Anything?

In your google sheets, install an add-on called ‘Import-Json’. Its in beta but stable. Go through the process of installing it and making sure its there in your add-ons.

Then select A1 and type or paste into the function bar:

Wait a few moments and you should get the data imported:

Might need to clean things up a bit from the import, or improve the api query, but that should get you a lot closer.

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Thank You Indridcold.

I tried 3 of the IMPORT XML, DATA and FEED functions, in every confirguration I could hack my through, got some errors, could not figure it out.
However, now I have now loaded a google add-on called API connector? and it was super easy to bring it all in at once.

Thanks for your help.

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