Problem with G-Sheet, Google Docs and CORS / 401

Hi all,
looking for a solution/repair of my use of G-Sheet @weavium with Google docs.
It is throwing an error of 401
Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-21 um 11.43.06

When inspecting further I see that the implied app does not have access to the google doc

The app is integrated from weavium in the system (me thinks) but either stopped working or Google changed something in the API or whatever.

Asked @weavium for help 48hrs ago but no response. Don’t want to blame or expose him, please no misunderstanding, just looking for assistance from this great forum here.

Did a workaround with a self-hosted CSV doc (had to add a htaccess with CORS) for now which is working but I want to go back to the Google docs scenario because others should be able to change/add data.
Site is

Not loading google sheet is within the pink frame

(PS :sweat_smile: Would also like to make the self hosted CSV available for others but still waiting for @instacks to create a cool (csv-) editor for the repository stack (which I love)

Thanks everyone for helping out,

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Same problem for me yesterday with G-Sheet and, as you did, I went back to a self-hosted CSV file but I did’nt ask @weavium.
After the last update of that stack, a few month ago, the same problem occured but with the self-hosted CSV file… and I had to point to the Google Sheet as a workaround.

Thanks, Anne,
when you say yesterday, did you change something? Like updating Stacks to 4.1 or any other updates?

This week, I have updated RW to 8.7 and Stacks to 4.1.2.
I observed the problem on the site yesterday, but perhaps, it was there since a few days, I don’t know.
BUT, the problem occurs without having updated this page in question, only, an other page of the same site.

I’ve seen reference to a similar problem elsewhere, probably Google may have updated their API, causing the connection to fail.


You’re right. There’s an small server app on Heroku that “translates” between the stack and Google docs.

Stupid question: is the URL to the Google doc still valid and did you change the permissions to the Google spreadsheet?

No reply from Weavium either. Perhaps he is inundated.

Hallo Heiko,
question is ok. Google sheet is valid, double and triple check on the url created when making it public (according to G-Sheet manuals). Love G-sheet but am always afraid that something is breaking… as happened now.
Would love to have a similar solution with SQL base and a stack allowing to control the database within a browser (which I have - but it is from Kuler Solutions who is out of RW business longtime and I am afraid it could/will break with newer PH versions).
@timdietrich has great stacks working with Airtable and he is (hopefully) still working on a database stack working accordingly… I keep my fingers crossed. Or one of the other great developpers offers something like this

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Yeah, it looks like the application on Heroku is failing, not Google docs. You can try it by calling the URL with other (for sure working) sites like Apple com.

I was about to suggest Airtable as an option, I know the stacks from @timdietrich, I’ve used them in one or two smaller projects. They missed some functionality I needed (e.g. linking from the result list to a detail page for a single record), so I added this feature on my own. (If there’s Interest, I am happy to share some of my small service stacks)

To be honest, if the amount of data you need fits easily into a spread sheet (or any other textfile), a SQL solution might be overkill (you need a database server, some backend to make the data accessible for your collaborators etc.)

Danke Heiko,
actually the missing link (pun intended) is what keeps me from using Air table because most of the photos/dogs have a gallery linked to them. And I have to rebuild the site with the airtable stacks.
If you could send me your altered stacks would be great so I consider rebuilding or using it for other clients.
Actually I like the database solution because all of my hosts offer it and I can “fill” them with Formloom or Formsnap - this is like an easy interface for “non techie users”. And it is on my “own” servers or at least in Germany (Strato, Ionos) so there is no interference with DSGVO.
Again, thank you for sharing your small service stacks so I can have a look at it.

Here’s a short demo of the updated stack, it’s actually the sample project from the tutorial but with a detail page:

You can download the RW file and updated stack here:

The Detail Link doesn’t work in RW preview, as no query params are sent in preview. You have to export the site to test this.

(You need your own AirTable Account, obviosly)