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Doobox deal begin July.

I’ve purchased a one in a lifetime opportunity Limited Bundle of 12 stacks coming from Doobox for £ 55,90 begin July (the 4th to be correct).
They’d offered that limited offer for only 100 customers (!) so you had to be fast to be among them.
To-day (only 2 weeks later) I’ve received a new mail where they are doing a Mega Deal for £89 for ALL their stacks (71 stacks in total)

So I was wondering, what was the point of that first deal then?
When we do have already that first offer (I do have 21 Doobox stacks, as I did own some of there stacks already) we have to pay twice (£59 + £89) for the rest of trier stacks instead of the smart ones who didn’t jump on that first offer?

I really don’t think that’s a very kind way of treating customers?

@fgrik Sorry, you’r mistaken about quite a lot here.

We recently did a new promotion of 12 products (not all stacks) for £59, limited to 100 customers.
Total value was £159. This contained our new Stack developer application, never part of any other bundle deal, and alone has a £59 price tag.

Our “All Stacks Mega Deal” has been around for a long time, and includes every stack we sell (71), for £89.

  • some free stacks not available any where else. And anything we release within a month of purchase, you get for free.

I should note: We have not recently sent any email for the £89 deal. We promoted the £59 limited to 100 customers deal, maybe 2 weeks ago or so.

In answer to why?
The £89 deal has been around as said, quite some time. You get everything we have as far as “stacks” go, and more.
For a stacks user, this is the best deal available, containing well over £500 of our current line up. An unbelievable deal for anyone that wants everything today.

The recent limited £59 special deal was just that “special”, in as much as it contained 2 of our very latest applications for anyone that wants to start creating their own stacks, not just a smaller selection of stacks alone.

“Why do we have to pay twice?”
You don’t. We never force anyone to do anything. Only encourage with excellent value deals from time to time.

But really. Lets say you want “every stack we sell”.
The best way to do that currently is to get the £89 deal, containing every “stack”.

Our Mac applications are not currently in any bundle deal (the 100 customer limited deal) containing our latest applications for building your own stacks sold out.

I’m sorry if you don’t think offering our entire £500+ library of stacks isn’t kind. But I really don’t think we can do better.

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ok you’re probably right about the second deal as I thought I’ve also received a mail from this one but it was just on the site when I saw it checking some stacks later in the month. You have to know dutch is our language so it always an certain effort to read (our write) something that’s isn’t your native language. So I did receive that frist deal (12 stacks) and probably saw that ‘all stacks’ deal afterwards on the site as you say it was there for a long time but when I ask if I could receive that ‘all deal’ and have a refund of the first purchase this isn’t possible and THAT I think isn’t a very kind politicy. I’m not doing any new sites anymore since about 18 months by now as I have to much troubles with things if I have to do a change on a demand from the client - I did have to rebuild a whole very large site since certain stacks didn’t work anymore or were not supported anymore - I wan’t get in any detail here so don’t say it’s obvious that sites have a second, or third life once they have been build. I’ve just lost my enthusiasm for sites. At this very moment I had to rebuild my very first site ever made with RW (I think it was 2004) and by doing it I had some fun - which I never expected so I was thinking maybe the desire is coming back and you never knows :slight_smile: - I still have to upgrade my system 10.9.5 since RW7 doesn’t work with an earlier so we’ll see how the sandwich will react to this one … So as I’ve send you a mail - as one of the stacks I wanted to use wasn’t in the 12 stacks deal - if you could refund me the first purchase we forget this whole thing and we’re friends again? I never asked having the whole library for the price of the 12 stacks I only asked a refund if I purchase that complete library, that’s all. I thought this was very clear in my mail?

@fgrik Yes there has definitely been some confusion by both of us, conversing via email. The email I received from you did not really make your intention clear to me (probably the language barrier). But I get your position, and view now. And in this particular case, I am happy to sort something out for you. Contact me via support again, with either the invoice id, or the email address you used at PayPal attached, and we will get you transitioned over to the full package by some means.

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