It's a pity Doobox

Sorry for my bad English ……

I buy almost all plugins by Doobox.
There’s the new plugin Hunter 3, I am buyer of Hunter 2.
There was a reduction on the purchase of Hunter 3 for 2 days.
I have exceeded this period.

Doobox, I asked if I can have this discount………
Now, you can say yes or no.
But no answer to get.

I didn’t deserve it as a regular customer!?
Other vendors do not so ignorant.

I would have expected at least a small message…………
My money goes now to the other producers with more respect for the customers.

Thank you very much and best regards.


@Kunstmaler , Have you tried contacting @Doobox directly?

Hi @Aaron,
I used support@, and the contact form on the website: enter link description here

Hi there @Kunstmaler

When did you attempt contact? I do not see any requests of this nature outstanding.
That said. I do recall responding to a couple of similar requests. Is it possible that you entered your email address incorrectly into the support form, as my replies go directly there.
Or my reply could be in your spam folder.
Either way if you try again now I can respond appropriately.

Kind regards

Closing as the developer has made contact. Remember to always try contacting the developer directly first!

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