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On my About page, I have a divider. Under that I have 3 columns across (2 contain text and 1 image between). Under that I have an image (my logo). As it is now, if you don’t scroll down the page, you don’t see the logo. So I want to decrease the space between the logo and the columns. The only margin is the 3 columns which is set to 80 (from the top). The logo is just an image. It’s not in a column. I tried putting it in a column but I still couldn’t get it closer. The site went live yesterday.

The problem is the image itself is stat large. It just appears that there’s margin or padding because the logo has a white background. This is what the logo image looks like:

if I add a background color to the page you can see that the image is not really spaced far below the columns above:


Trimmed version

Yes, I was going to the say the same as Joe.

You need trim the white space above and below your logo…the actual image itself.
I had similar thing happening and it’s just a matter of cropping your image in Preview.

Cheers Scott

Thank you! Thank you!


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