Definition of mobile, tablet and desktop width

Does anyone know how to define / redefine the mobile / tablet / desktop width?

My problem is that I have to many menu items and if I shrike my browser I have two lines of menu items in the tablet version ( In mobile and desktop mode everything works fine.

Use RW preview, there is a tiny tick box down the bottom for manual adjustment. Tick that, grab and resize the preview window until you find the point at which your menu text wraps, it will feel you down the bottom the width at which this is.

With that info you can define when you want mobile view to start (depending on theme/framework) instead of tablet view.

Actually as your using Foundry I don’t think you can edit the tablet breakpoints (don’t have/use Foundry to check but sure I’ve heard this in the past), unless you use another menu stack that allows you to define its own breakpoints.

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