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I have been building websites in RW/Stacks/Foundry for a few years now and I only just found out - with the truly amazing support from Foundry’s prime mover @Elixir - that I have been overusing and/or misusing the Visibility stack. Basically, I built every web page using three Visibility stacks - one for each standard screen size: desktop, tablet, and mobile, and the stuck in all the stacks for each screen size specifically.

This has made it real easy for me to avoid screen size issues, but I now learned from @Elixir that this way of working makes webpages unnecessarily heavy (as everything gets loaded thrice), is bad for my site’s SEO, and may result in some stacks not working optimally (has happened to me). @Elixer advised to use the Margins and Columns stacks in stead.

In trying to put this into practice, I run into the issue that I do not know how to set different standard paragraph font sizes for different screen sizes without the use of the Visibility stack. Could someone please advise? Thanks!

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This is another case of where checking out the documentation will give you the answer you’re looking for: Paragraph Documentation

The first section labeled Font Size will explain exactly how to get multi-breakpoint sizing for your Paragraph text font sizes.

I know the documentation can’t answer all questions, but it is the best place to start. I spend a LOT of time writing these and making videos. Far more time than you’d think. Be sure to give them a try. :smiley:

Also in this case I looked at the Documentation first (I could not find a video and I am assuming there is none), but it did not yield a solution.

In the Paragraph stack itself there are not screen size/font size settings (or am I missing something, again?), while in the Foundry stack I only see this setting, which does not help me:

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 5.33.49 PM

Or does it and am I not getting it?

You didn’t mention in your original post that you were referring to the Lead Size, only font size in general. The multi-breakpoint font size is set here…

CleanShot 2021-05-06 at 17.48.35

CleanShot 2021-05-06 at 17.48.40

…as stated in the documentation.

Lead size is a fixed size for all breakpoints. This is purposeful.

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About the ‘lead size’: Sure, but what if it’s NOT a lead paragraph?

About the small ‘plus’ icon: I do not see that anywhere. Not in the Foundry stack and not in the paragraph stack. So sorry!

Same thing as @Elixir posted. Just showing before/after:

and after


@Jimmy My guess is you aren’t seeing it because you’re not looking closely enough. But I may be wrong. The simplest thing right now would be to post a screenshot of exactly what you see in that region of the sidebar.

So specifically go to the General section of the Paragraph stack, use command-option-4 then click and drag to get a screenshot of that area. I’m guessing the + is there, but a screenshot will tell the full story.

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In addition to @Mathew’s nice screenshots, I thought I’d pop in to the office to make a screen recording showing the multi-breakpoint settings before heading off to wind down for the evening. Hope this helps out.

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Hello @Mathew and @Elixir, thank you so much, both of you. Really appreciated. So now I understand what you mean by that ‘+’ and it seems I just don’t have that…

Does that mean I have an old Foundry version? If so, how do I update that?

To check for updates to stacks including Foundry, click on the button that says “updates” on the bottom of the Stacks library.

I’ve had RW8 quit when updating some larger stacks like Foundry. But upon restarting RW, I’ve found the updates have successfully completed. I think it is a known bug.


@Jimmy If you click on the paragraph stack then you see its version number at the bottom of the list of stacks. You can see the version I have below ( I don’t think this plus feature is new and it’s been there for awhile. Have you checked for updates (as @thang recommends)?


@Jimmy – This feature was added in Foundry v2.0. I suspect you’re using Foundry v1.x, correct?

Yes, that is correct. How do I get v2?

I wasn’t kidding when I say I write a lot of documentation… There’s even a documentation page for that as well. :wink: :wink:

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No, I guess not! LOL. Thanks.

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