Delete a user from forum

How do delete myself from the forum? I would like it to delete all my comments as well.

Doubt it is possible

I think you would need to edit each post.
You can find them under your profile, under activity.

Hey, Flash,

Don’t get discouraged. We all both learn and teach by participating in this forum. For a lot of us it is an indispensable part of weaving. Your continued input is valuable. Differences of opinions are welcomed… :wink:

Way more to it than that! The product is no longer the product I purchased at version 2.0.x IMO, in most ways it has left the original stated goal way behind in the dust. Fine for some not for others. I don’t want all the frills and bloat-ware and bloat-code. It has been promised to be fixed for now going on 6 full versions and countless patch updates. I simply no longer believe in the community or the product as a solution to my needs.

Well, I can’t make you change your mind about the forum. I wouldn’t even try to change your mind about the product (RW). But your withdrawal won’t make things easier for any of us, even for yourself…

I have been using another product for a while now that meets the original stated goals of RW and meets my goals as well. Dan’s comment about even considering changing to a stack for the company blog simply tells me he is not working on the built blog plugin in such a manner as it would be a competitive product. That is if he is working on it at all, which I doubt.

RW was my first love so to speak, RW was my first introduction to HTML and CSS. It no longer does simple nor does it things well consistently. I had hopes for v8 with some of his comments, until recently.

BTW! My request is not huge. Just add RSS, Categories and Tags to the Styled Text plugin.

Good luck with your “other product”…

I’m sure if you signed out, deleted the bookmark and never came back to the forum it wouldn’t bother you again!

Out of interest what have you started using instead of Rapidweaver?

It would not be the appropriate place to make such a comment. Thank you for asking. I suggest if you are happy where you are at to not look at other options. Just carry on! :slight_smile:

I won’t speak for Dan, but I will say that his comment about using one of the community developer’s stack has nothing to do with the future of the RW blog. Lots of great things are in store for RW, and I hope to see you back around when the next version comes out. :slight_smile:

@Aaron @dan “Lots of great things are in store for RW” - great. What? “when the next version comes out” - When?

So how about announcing whats in store for RW8 so we are all aware of it? I understand that news about RW8 was announced at Joe’s Conference but it seems strange that only those who attend a paid conference get to hear this news. Flash has made it crystal clear he is not satisfied with the lack of RW Blog development and has given up waiting.

Regarding Flash’s previous posts on the other thread, Dan was I think complimenting a 3rd party add-on saying “Thinking I should maybe switch the Realmac Blog over to this” but on the other hand it can be interpreted that it’s an admission that RW8 will not have a blog to meet the RM blog requirements.

I think that everyone here would like nothing more than to hear what is planned for RW8 and RW9 and see some sort of roadmap with dates.

Apple can get away with a zero future product PR strategy but for small developers like RM it is a far from healthy strategy.


Thank you for your feedback, Gary.

The roadmap is a great idea…

Just to quell any issues with this statement. Dan & Ben gave us nothing at the conference that we really don’t already know. They never directly answered any questions with direct answers, mainly saying wait until RW 8 comes out.

@Flash I can’t think of a more simpler Web Designer than RW (and I’ve tried most of them). You can make great sites without purchasing a single add-on, or bloat-ware, as you call it - the same page types as way back when are still included. RW code has changed to meet the demands of the Apple operating system (sandboxing for example) and has added components we’ve all asked for - which you don’t have to use. Furthermore the WEB has moved on with all browers supporting HTML5 & CSS3 - which themselves have contributed to the way ‘bloat-ware’ is designed.

What you don’t say is what your prime objectives are & why RW doesn’t meet them. I’m baffled that RW met them in V2 but not V7. I’m assuming you’ve paid for an upgrade, got some ‘bloat-ware’ and then got yourself lost. Forgetting, of course that all software has a learning curve.
What’s wrong with the Blog Page and what were you personally promised would happen with it. It works as a blogger - full stop. And of course there are 3rd Party options to soup it up.

Finally - what precisely has realmac NOT fixed to meet what your declared needs, which you seem to declare as minimal?

@webdeer OI!!! Where are you coming from - since you are happy to sell on the back of realmac. What is it YOU want to INCREASE your sales?

@Aaron Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear - you’re putting a noose around your neck - leading us all on like that. We all know by now that Realmac won’t give us an upgrade or any promises of functionality, until they are ready for beta. You can’t take the Realmac camel to the water - let alone make it drink.

Personally, I’m still working on new stuff from BWD and Joe (Fonts), and am not ready for mucking about with lots of betas. V7 is nicely stable now and frankly with the great stuff the devs are chucking at us I’m content - as is.

You don’t have to delete, you just leave!
But thats not what its about is it!!!

Flash has gone. Right after this months old post.