What happened to the recent "ecommerce for RW" thread?

It was there this morning, I think, at least I posted to it at some point in the last day or so. Seems gone now.

What happened to it?

Maybe it was hidden because it was “woeful” ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Right, so a dev took offence at my woeful comment and got it pulled?

I read your comments (just before the post disappeared) and didn’t find them outside the forum guidelines. I don’t know what exactly happened here but I don’t think developers have the ability to remove a post.
It would have to have been someone with administrative authority.

Maybe there were too many nice comments about Cartloom that did it? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dream on! This place is like clique central at times when it comes to the devs. Some have a weird amount of clout. Possibly based on their eating habits.

I dunno why it got pulled, odd, but there you go.

I have no idea why it was marked as “Unlisted”, it’s back now:

@Aaron, @LaPan, any ideas on why or how?

I’m guessing it was a system flag/action.