Deleting banner picture

I need to block the banner picture from my page. Although the theme I am using do not support banner image, once I set it up, did not have to worry until now. I need to run a blank 5.1 theme, but don’t need the old picture to show. Try all at my best, but as always, at no avail.
Even try to substitute the picture in the banner space with a white space, impossible to get results.

Any hint on how to make it disappear? Thank’s in advance.

I’m sure just clicking on the image and hitting delete/backspace should clear it.

Gracias NellUk
Try that, but did not work. I am trying to save time, I had about 50 pages or so, the other choice is to start from scratch, but need to try something else before the commitment.

I just tried it and if you select the banner image (should see a blue box around it and hit the delete key (backspace) it deleted fine.

I think he has a large number of pages with each page having it on and he wants a batch way to delete it, at least that is what I am getting from his explanation.

I’m not sure if this is the issue, but it could be that the image was inserted using a theme that supported banners, but you’re trying to remove it from a theme that doesn’t support banners.

Maybe try switching to a theme that supports banners and deleting it?

The screen shot he is showing is of the site wide settings. The page level area has Override Site Banner at the top.

If you have set them at each page you would have to delete them on each page.

Thanks’ to all of you for the answers and time spent helping with my problem. I decided to back to basics and start with a new page to save time and get my high blood pressure high again.
At least I won’t see the “banner” anymore.

Again, Gracias to all.

From Stormy Puerto Rico