Removing the Banner ? new feature in RW7

Hi all, in RW7 a Banner was introduced and as far as i can see there is no way of removing it.

I am therefore trying to find a way to remove the Banner.

To identify the CSS that produces the Banner I have Previewed my current project in FireFox using FireBug, in the HTML panel I can see an entry :- < div id=“banner” >

I discovered that deleting the word “banner” the Banner in my RW project disappears. yippee !

However i have to now ask the experts, Please, what is the CSS i need to cancel the Banner from appearing on the page ?



#banner {
display: none !important;

@willwood thank you Will that was spot on thanks.

I knew it would be an easy question to answer for you more experienced chaps :slight_smile:


Aren’t you using @willwood’s Volcano theme? or Foundation?
In the Volcano theme styles, you should be able to check the “remove banner” box. Foundation shouldn’t add a banner unless you do.
If I’m wrong, please ignore me :slight_smile:

@LSPhoto No Problem Lisa , in fact i keep changing themes, i havent settled on one yet LOL.

I was hoping to get going on Foundation, first off i didnt like having to wait for quite so long when Command/P is pressed for a page Preview to be generated.

secondly i couldnt get my head round all the settings in the stacks, for example, to see what effect each setting had on the page, the page has to be previewed, and it was taking me so long to get anywhere.

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That is why I used Will’s Volcano theme for 6 years! It’s a great theme, if you have it, I’d try it.

I do agree that the preview for Foundation takes a long time.
I figured out if I use partials, I can set one stack and copy it for future use, once I got the settings I wanted.

@LSPhoto cheers Lisa, yes i do have Volcano , i am impressed by the results you get as well.


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So if you’re using Volcano, try going to the theme styles before you look for code changes. You may not need it @willwood has built a lot into it :slight_smile: