Banner Image Only on Home Page?


I just started using RW and have a quick question. Is there a way to disable a banner image from all pages except for the home page? I did a Google search and even signed up for RapidWeaver Classroom and still couldn’t figure it out.


That kind of thing is usually controlled by the theme settings

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If you use a theme.
Your homepage could use a different theme than your other pages, and in that way, you could accomplish it with some (or one) compromise.

Some themes allow you to set different banners in the general settings also so each can be different…

Thanks for the replies curiouschuck and swilliam. I was hoping there was a way to just hide the banner image. Perhaps I’ll just deal with having an image, but have different ones for each page.

Just have a look at the UK for the theme most give you control this sort of thing at the page level.

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The theme “Artful” lets you show or hide a banner I believe. You can do this for each page.
There may be others.
There is a lot to choose in deciding on a theme.

Thanks for the tip Chuck. The artful theme works perfect for me because I like clean and simple. I’ve been checking out several third-party themes that also allow you to hide and show the banner image. Super easy!

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