Dev Dairy Ep21 - RapidWeaver is 20 Years Old Today 🎉

On mobile there seems to be a few performance issues (render blocking resources, no explicit width and height on images, etc), but the lighthouse scores are looking good!

Any thoughts about enabling basic PWA support (install w/icon, caching resources via worker, etc)?

Congratulations Dan, ben and Team! What a fantastic journey you all have been on for the past 20 years. Long time user, looking forward to Elements and the future of RMS!

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HI Dan & Team

First congratulations on the 20th Anniversary.
Good to see your first Elements web page.
Pity someone can’t spell :wink: – but I hope you “achive” your dream. You seem pretty well there. :blush:


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PWA’s always seem to be problematic from an accessibility perspective, above my pay grade but one of the main issues is that the PWA images can not be named and so don’t work for a screen reader?



Quick question for anyone - what is a good or great form coder to integrate with Elements? Some of them out there are pretty pricy to use. Or do I have to go old school and hand-code a form?

Dan shared this a ways back. Have you looked at Letterbird?

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There’s also Zoho Forms which has a free tier.

I imagine there will be some native form elements for RapidWeaver at some point, probably after stable release, either built-in or via the elements store (or both). A contact form is pretty essential to most websites.

We have spoken about forms internally and we have some really cool ideas… however, I’m not sure we’ll have anything for the initial alpha release.

It is obviously something we want to include, so I expect we’ll look at forms in the not too distant future :blush:

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Congratulations on 20 year’s anniversary!
You’re right I do miss the boxed versions of software and games. Perhaps when you build the next version of RW in about 20 years time boxed versions will reappear just like music records did.:wink:

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I wanted us to get the mobile score up to 100 across the board before we mentioned this :laughing:

However, this does show how we’ve built a system that allows anyone to easily build a page/site that scores well in these types of tests.

All the elements that will ship with RapidWeaver will have performance considerations build in - our goal is for everyone to able to easily build beautiful sites that are performant “by default”.

We will likely share more info around this in the coming weeks :smiley:


What is Rapidweaver Elements
RapidWever Elements is our next-generation drag and drop website builder for macOS. Build and publish your own modern, responsive website without having to write a line of code.

Missing the a in Rapidweaver

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As we say in Hawai’i - Hau’oli la Hanau (Happy Birthday).

Now please take my money as soon as possible, I’m more than happy to pay upfront for Elements in order to start figuring out what it will take to move my sites over.


Happy Anniversary! been using RW for 10 years now :slight_smile:

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Congrats Team RW! 20 years - wow. Just demonstrates what a good product it is. Made first website with RW in 2007.

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It’s probably 20 years since I was in Paris for the MacExpo and was introduced to Rapidweaver there. A design programme, which you could design with no knowledge of html! I was immediately sold and have been building beautiful websites with Rapidweaver for 20 years now. Thanks and congratulations!

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I haven’t been a part of this community or updated my website since March 2018. It’s a testament to RW that my website still works great 6 + years later! One of these days I will get back to it and I’m sure I will have to update all software, but it’s nice to know you will still be here for support.
Thanks, guys! Here’s to 20 more!


I’ve been using RapidWeaver since it was first introduced and it was FREE for awhile :grinning:…… thanks for all your hard work!!!

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Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met dit jubileum en ga zo en met de 3trd Party Developers, door.
Hans Smit (the Netherlands)

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Thanks for the all the kind words, they mean a lot to everyone here at Realmac :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: