Digital downloads store

I’d like to set up a digital downloads store for audio products.
Ideally it would be good if potential customers could listen to the products in advance.
What additional apps/stacks etc would work for this?
Here’s an example of the type of thing I’d like to offer:

The demo site seems to be/offer a “membership” with unlimited downloads as well as individual purchases. Your post just said a “digital downloads store” and didn’t mention anything about memberships. These might require different approaches.
Are you looking to offer both?
What quantity and sizes of files do you anticipate for downloads?

Thanks for replying - I’m not looking to set up membership, just a simple store to try (listen), buy and download. The sizes could be anything up to 2 gig, but I’m open to modifying file sizes, according to what’s going to be practical.

Well you’re going to need a shopping cart solution that handles digital downloads. You aso may need to be concerned about taxes like VAT depending on where you are located.

  • Might have a look at e-junkie, they offer plans based on number of products and storage space for downloads. Stacks4stacks has a free stack for ejunkie.
  • Also cartloom offers digital downloads and free stacks as well.

As for the demo there’s quite a few options for audio players. You would need to manage the files. presentation I would probably look at something like poster stack, it’s very flexible and would allow users to click for more info.


You can take a look at RapidCart Pro that offers a complete store with digital downloads.

When it comes to VAT, it’s not so much where you are located as where your customers are located. If you’re selling into the European Union, you’ll almost certainly need to be able to process VAT.

RapidCart Pro complies with EU VAT regulations applying VAT to EU private citizens and not applying it to companies with a valid EU VAT ID.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Bandcamp is a popular service for audio sales and has easily embedded players:

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Thank you everyone for your responses - they’re a great help and give me a lot to go on. i will be checking out Cartloom and Rapidcart pro for sure. i already have a couple of albums for sale at Bandcamp, but these products are not albums rather EXS24 sample libraries as in the link in my original post, which I probably need to have set up in my own website.

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