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I’m looking for RW e-commerce plugin for a hobbyist site I’m pulling together using the latest version of RW.

I’m deliberately keeping orders low, as it’s primarily a hobby site, so don’t want to use a subscription site, good as they look, as I wouldn’t have enough orders to justify the cost.

I will have a couple of dozen items on the site, so the free version of some sub sites don’t suit.

I’m currently looking at RapidCart 4. Is this the best solution for my situation?

I have RapidCart 3, but never got around to using it, and it doesn’t run with the latest version of RW. Is there an upgrade price from RC3 to 4? I can’t see anything on their website.

Thanks in advance

Tag @rob to ask if there is upgrade pricing for RC4 (there was also talk a while back of RC5 but nothing concrete).

Are your few dozen products distinct products or slight variations of a few core products? As some shops solutions support 1 product with a few variations (think ecwid does).

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Thanks for your swift reply.

I looked at using variations in Ecwid but it wouldn’t work, so would like to use something like RapidCart.

Rapidcart Pro 4 would probably work, but for 1 to 2 orders a month and a couple dozen items it might be worth having a look at Paysnap 3. It would probably be a bit easier to set up.

Rapidcart and Paysnap are both excellent options, but they are very different in terms of what they do and how they function.

If you can explain more about your requirements it’ll be easier to suggest one over the other.

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Thanks for all the replies.

I want to set up a site where I can sell sets of badges. Simple stuff. Click to details of the badge set plus a photo, then add to cart, add postage and pay using Paypal.

So I just want a site where I can list badge sets for sale, and do checkout.

I might need to use it for more than one site.

Paysnap looks good and seems to fill all I need.

Feel free to ask for more details if needed.

Thanks in advance.

Is postage a flat rate, or variable based on destination, quantity, etc. or unique to each item?

Do you want confirmation emails generated by the store?

How are you planning to manage inventory?

Can the store be maintained solely within RW or do you want it to has a browser based dashboard?

There is a lot more to selling online than the Wix adverts will have you believe :wink:

I needed a cart pretty quick for the end of December and went with Rapid Cart Pro so I could expand as my choice of stock grew.

It took me a day to learn and get the initial stock entered, 26 items, with descriptions, images and video links.
A further half day to configure PayPal and test plus tweaking such as adding levels of discount depending on your spend.

It worked great and in the last two days of 2020, I took 11 orders which is pretty good considering no advertising. Expected sales will be one or two per month so it’s already paid for itself.

The only problem I have is not being able to use Stripe as Stripe will not process transactions from companies selling Fireworks. Only found this out mid December when other fireworks companies in the UK started to complain about Stripe.

I’ll add stock level control next which I left out as the first build was a rush job just to get some sales and earn some money in this Covid-19 lockdown.

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Thanks everyone for the advice.

I’ve taken the plunge and bought Rapid Cart Pro 4 Advanced, and am really liking it.

However with the latest lockdown news, I’ve shut down my eBay. Discogs and Etsy shops so won’t be taking the web site online soon.

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