Disappearing Pictures

Ive just spent the last four days adding pictures to my website… Only about 500 of them!! Ive been constantly saving and saving after i randomly lost about 30 pictures, so i now save after every single one I’ve added as i have lost faith in Rapidweaver saving it. I know all the pictures were there this morning when i reopened the project… i added a few more… saved it. had a break and came back to it… on reopening it all the pictures had gone… Please tell me this isn’t the case??? I can’t afford to spend another 4 days adding pictures! Really really angry and upset with rapidweaver! so if anybody can help please please do

What is your detailed version of RW?

I have had this happen as well as stacks going missing and having to redownload from the makers site. Started experiothis with RW7.

Other posters think I’m crazy and Realmac has not responded to tickets I have submitted.

You are not alone.

This was already fixed in one of the later releases. Therefore I am asking.

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Im using Version 7.1.7 (18375)

Still happens in 7.3.