Problem with my new project Rapidweaver

So I stop working for the day on my new site. Some of my pages are made with stacks and photo base. Today when I went to continue working on my project the pictures are gone ( only shows a ? mark ) and when I’m trying to view the project on preview the page keep reloading with nothing to show. Please if anyone knows what this means. I need help here. Last week I updated stacks because it was available. That’s when I noticed the reloading issue. but now I’ve lost the pictures.
What can I do?

I thing you need to contact @isaiah at yourhead

@swilliam – actually you’ll notice that in the lastest beta of RW 7.2 that there are a few mentions of fixing “data loss” problems. I think when you see folks with that sort of thing it’s best to direct them to that beta. Or to Realmac for support. There isn’t much I can do about this issue. Thanks.

@messi – there has been a rash of similar sorts of problems of various data-loss associated with RapidWeaver 7.1

here’s is a very good thread that has lots of good details.

the short answer is: i’d recommend jumping back to a backup version of the file – there may be more corruption than just the “?” files, I’m afraid.

if you don’t have a backup then I’m afraid the news is not good. you’ll have to re-add the images to the file and/or rebuild the corrupted pages.

sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Thank you for getting back to me. And I appreciate the honesty. To be frank I knew the sad truth already. I was just been hopeful. It just breaks your heart to see all these hours lost.
Thank you again.

I’ve been there myself – after spending a week on a huge graphic design project i lost it all to a hard drive failure. worse, i had to tell the client that the project would be delayed. data loss is absolutely the worst.

but i think it’s also absolutely the best “learning the hard way” moment in computing. there’s no better time get a reliable backup working than today.

switch Time Machine on. get the DropBox versions plan going. invest in an easy to use backup drive. whatever you do, make sure it’s something automatic, reliable, and maintenance free.