My images keep disappearing ! Please help! Going crazy!

I’m running Rapidweaver 8. The latest version of Mojave. When checking my website last week, I found dozens of pictures missing. I started working from the ground up. Added all new pictures, dozens of them to my resources folders first, then to different stacks. After 2 days and countless hours, everything was working fine. Everything worked fine, everything was there. I took a break, didn’t turned off the Mac, just restarted working and all pictures are gone again!!! This is unacceptable!! What’s going on? Frustrated beyond belief!! I have been using Rapidweaver for years, this is the worst bug ever!! Please help!!

Could you check this post and see I you may have saved the file as a duplicate? E. g. for backup reasons?:

I do not believe I clicked Save as, I did click Save… Working away from home and I do not have my external hard drive. I usually do a back up with Carbon Copy Cloner. I won’t keep working endlessly again, to find my work gone. To say I’m frustrated it is an understatement. I believe I’m doing things right, by adding all my images to my Resources folder, right? Can somebody confirm this? All images are still in the Resources folder, so why are they not showing??

A URL might help here.

Are the pictures in your Resources folder on the ISP server? - you’ll need to check either via CP or FTP

Thank you for your help. I have calmed down somewhat with the help of a single malt scotch. I have not published yet. Everything is in my Mac. My website address is I won’t be publishing till I’m home, and I have all figured it out and a CCC back up done. All pictures are there in the resources folders, they simply don’t show where they are supposed to be. It won’t take me long to drop them all where they belong. At least this time I have them all in one place, something I did not do before. This is very strange.

What you see online is my site, as it was a few weeks ago. I decided it was too cluttered, so I have streamlined it, made it simpler. I just kept adding things these past few years. I should add I’m not a newbie with Rapid weaver. I have 2 other websites. I have been using it since RW 4 I think. I have had publishing problems before, so I went to Transmit FTP for a while. Never had these missing pictures problems. I know it should be an easy fix, I hope!

And make sure you checked this box in the Advanced settings:

Wow! We are onto something here! Take a look at what I have. I really appreciate your help! I clicked something at the bottom to see if I could find what you showed me. 40|690x494

Sorry, wrong one. Here it is. I do not have the option to click Site resources in my advance settings

If your site is not yet published, I would do a publish ‘Local’ then view in MAMP to see where the problem might be.

Then try the 8.1 beta. You can run both versions together on your Mac. Just make sure you dublicate your project file first (in the finder, while RW is closed).

Dave, I’m not a newbie, but… What I do is switch between editing and viewing the site live with the buttons on the top. I do not know what MAMP is… I believe I can publish locally. Thank you for taking the time to help me. Aloha

So, should I risk adding pictures again when I work with version 8.1 I guess I could do that… Jan, I beyond grateful for your help. Aloha

How come I don’t have the option “Site Resources” in my advance settings? - Free - simulates a ISP server, to view your website on your local machine as it would appear online.

You are a genius. RW has the best Forum. Is because of people like you and Jan that RW is my software of choice to make websites. Very slow connection where I am. I’m downloading RW 8.1 and I will download mamp too. Thank you again!! Glad you are awake!

I downloaded RW 8.1. I added pictures to 4 of the pages. I made an extra copy and saved it to an external SanDisk SSD drive. So far pictures are still there. If they still there in the morning, I will continue to add the rest. In RW 8.1 I have the advanced setting “Site Resources” and I can check mark what Jan told me. A big and special Mahalo to Jan and Dave for helping me!!! Aloha from Maui.

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It just happened again!! I was trying to add pictures to a Nick Cates stack, Photos, and I realized all pictures are gone from all my pages. I’m using the Beta version of RW. 8.1 All the pictures are in the Resources folder. I’m about to throw in the towel. So frustrating!!! How can I contact RW direct? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Possible culprit!!
Like I said earlier, It happened again!! Going thru the Forum, I have to mention that I have, and I used it last night: Clean my Mac X Is it possible that if I run that program, while I have RW open, would cause a loss of whatever I loose when the pictures disappear?? Luckily, I remembered I had saved a copy in my SanDisk SSD External USBc 500 Gb drive. Lo & behold! My copy in the SanDisk it’s ok!! Halleluja! I’m so happy I bought the SanDisk! It was on sale at Office Max at Christmas. Until I know for sure what’s going on, or they find a solution, I will be saving a new clean copy in the SanDisk everytime. Aloha from Maui

Yes. Clean My Mac is evil. You should remove that malware from your system immediately.

Clean My Mac deletes your cache files WHILE THOSE APPS ARE RUNNING.

It goes without saying, but THIS IS COMPLETELY INSANE. And yes… this will absolutely strip all of the images from your Stacks pages.