Discourse forum

I am considering adding a Discourse discussion forum to my main site. A Discourse forum is the same as Realmac uses, ie this one. https://www.discourse.org

The forum domain is a different domain to my main site so I’m wondering whether to have the forum as a separate site via link from my main site or use a stack to present the forum inside my main site.

What would you think?

Amongst the advantages I can think of in having it as separate site is enhanced seo, not that i’m fussed about that as i intend to email or write to my target market with full details.

Never seen Discourse done anyway other than a stand alone URL. Either a sub domain or domain.
Don’t think it would work very well in a frame running as a part of another site.

Might this page help?

The team seems the kind that would answer your question if you contacted them explaining what you want to do. I suspect it’s possible using careful management of dns. Good luck!

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