I need a discussion forum on my site: recommendations?

Hi All

I want to add/link a discussion forum area on my site. I expect it will be be a link to another web based service but I wanted some recommendations about this - maybe a customisable one where the look might emulate the primary site? … Any ideas? Thanks in advance

https://muut.com is free with some limitations. If you want to be able to brand it, there are plans from $16.00 a month.

It’s apparently easy to integrate using the free Mootable stack (https://stacks4stacks.com/mootable/).

There is also Disqus. Easy to install on your site.

https://www.phpbb.com Add it to your host and link to it from your site if that is what you mean. Full featured. A little tricky to set up, but the FAQs and instructions lead you right through it. I use Disqus for blog comments.

Thanks everyone - these are very helpful!

Yes, if you want to build discussion forum, then phpbb is good option. Most of hosting providers offer this CMS.