Dns prefetch in Foundation?

I am trying to localize my Google webfonts in a website and have discovered a line of code that I can’t seem to get rid of:

The site is built using Foundation. The code seems to appear in the area usually reserved for the plugin code.
Can anybody help me identify the origin and how to get rid of it?
Oh, and by the way: it seems I can not post to weaver.space anymore, looks like it would be closed for new posts (yes, I am logged in). Can anybody confirm that? Thx!

I just tried at WS and it works. Sometimes I need to refresh the browser for that new post window to show up

Foundation does not add any prefetch tags. Font Pro does though.

(I am looking into why the new post field does not always show. As Jason says, refresh always fixes it)

thanks Joe. I do use FontPro, but with just a self-hosted font (see screenshot). Can I disable the call to the Google Font server?

Font Pro only does it if you are using the Google Fonts stack.

Seems not to be so: I have deleted the entire FontPro stack and rebuilt it from scratch, to avoid any left-over parts of code. And look to the two screenshots: the edit window shows it is only a webfont, not a GoogleFont - but in the source code the prefetch line does appear.
Am I missing something?

@joeworkman can you take a look at this please?

I built a simple page with just Font Pro + Web Font and Site Styles. This does not happen to me. Did you add it to your page inspector somehow? Or the site wide code area?

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