Font Pro question

Sorry, guys. I’m pretty much a newbie. I’m using the latest versions of RW and Foundation (haha, I think).

I bought Font Pro so I could experiment with some different fonts. Installed it. See the 3 Font Pro stacks. So far, so good.

I’ve been watching Joe’s tutorials, and when he’s demonstrating, and he opens info on a Header stack, in his demo, in the info pane, under Header, he shows “Size, Align, Font and Style”. But when I do the same thing, I’m only seeing “Size”. No Align, no Font, no Style. What the heck might I be doing wrong?

Thanks, everyone!


Just a guess but the demo was probably in foundation 1 and if you have latest foundation 6 it’s totally different. There are swatches for fontPro

Aha. GOOD thought! Thank you so much for that!

Yes, I see the swatch but I wonder if I need to use the swatch if I’m using the Font Families Stack? That’s one question.

And also, when I choose the “Foundation 6 - Text Content - HEADER” stack, when I click on it to open the info pane, there’s no place to choose which Vault. That’s my big problem…

You give the header a class (which is kind of a pointer to a swatch, but is really just CSS) hard to explain, but if you watch the video on foundation 6 fonts that should get you started. (Scroll down and select tutorials)
FYI will be easier to get specific help on

Ah yes! That’s my answer. Thanks for your help, Steve!