Do I need a "real" Sidebar - or can I make my own?

I like the notion of a sidebar, but it seem to be easier to make my own by building a page on a simple two column layout, setting the “sidebar” column to 20% or whatever and adding “sidebar” content to it just like anywhere else on the page.
This way I avoid having to use stacks like Extra content to get full width content, or Houdini or Transporter to easily get stacks into the sidebar.
Just wondering whether anyone can see a problem with doing this.

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It really depends on the Theme involved

The sidebar area of RW can be used by Themes in many different ways, loading custom top images, inserting social links, etc, or just plain styled content

But, your thought is a good one, just make sure your sidebar is fixed width column though or it may shrink unreasonably in mobile view.

Definitely something to play with.


I use Foundation, a 2 columns, and Big White Duck’s Pin stack to make most of my sidebars.

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Yes, I think the idea of a sidebar as a distinct entity is out of date. Using a 2-column stack is the way to go.

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unless your requirements are very simple, best to use a 2 col stack - much more flexibiity

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Or unless you like the way your chosen theme implements the sidebar - font, colour, border and so on - in which case it’s still a good option. And you don’t have to use Stacks in the sidebar - many types of content can be just dragged in and you can add text, links, code etc.



good point from Rob - some themes do style the sidebar and if that suits then it makes life very simple.

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Thanks to everyone for all the feedback on sidebars. Seems like there’s no compelling reason to have something formatted as a sidebar per se. I still like a “sidebar” for things like having contact info, newsletter signups and so on in the same place for users on every page.
So two responsive columns (keeping in mind size issues for mobiles) looks like the way to go for me.
All the best

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You could also incorporate it into your footer if you wanted something on every page but not want to lock yourself into a certain page layout… Less obvious having it down there, I know, but an option. ‘Mega-footers’ seem to be all the rage nowadays

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Thanks for the mega-footer tip jabostick
I already use something like this to import my sitemap page, but I liked the tips I found on when googling mega-footer.
That stackexchange site looks useful.
All the best