Code to create columns within a RW page (without stacks)

Wondering if there is any way to create columns within a rapidweaver 8 page (mountains theme) without having to buy/add a stack? I just want there to be two columns on my page (


The only way I know how to achieve this is to use the HTML page type and add the code yourself.

You could use the code here as a basis -

Alternatively, if the columns can be uneven widths, then you could use the Styled Text page type and place the second ‘column’ in the sidebar. With Mountain you’d have to have an image or some other element at the top of the sidebar though, so it’s not ideal.

Thank you - that is super helpful. I hadn’t even thought of just using an enlarged sidebar. I’ll try to code it first, though. Appreciate it!

Just played around with the sidebar - and you can remove that image (“site logo”), so it works perfectly. THANK YOU!! made all the difference in what I want.

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