Sidebar issues - positioning and editing in one place

I’m working on some client sites using RapidWeaver and have 2 questions about the sidebar:

  1. When I create a page using stacks, the bootstrap classes for the content div and sidebar div - col-lg-9 and col-lg-3 respectively - disappear and the sidebar goes underneath the main content div. I recreated the rules using CSS but what am I missing - why did the bootstrap classes disappear from the code?

  2. How can I create one sidebar that will be the same on all pages - i.e. I just edit it in one place? The only way I can see is to create a partial and then again create CSS rules like above to make it display on the side, but that’s far from ideal because of the potential to confuse anyone working on the site in the future.

Without more information or even better a URL to a test page it’s hard to say.

What theme are you using?

Why not turn off the sidebar and use stacks 2 column stack?

That might be the best solution, thank you. It doesn’t feel like the right way as it will break the semantic layout i.e. the sidebar will be in the content div rather than being a sibling, but visually it would be the most logical for anyone editing the site in the future.

No idea what theme, I will have to have a look when I’m with the client tomorrow. Thanks!

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