Do I need multiple stacks for banner images with text overlay?

Hi Rapidweavers, I have a question about using a page banner with text overlay. In order for it to display properly in all sizes - Mobile, Tablet (portrait & landscape), Desktop - do I need to put four different versions of this image in Edit mode, each with different settings so that it looks right in each situation?

For example, for mobile, I have centered the text, and selected Hide Stack on Tablet and Desktop.

For another stack with the same image and text, I have selected hide on Mobile and Desktop and adjusted text settings.

For another stack I have selected hide on Mobile and Tablet so that everything shows up on Desktop.

I hope this makes sense. I’m used to using CSS and Media Queries, so putting the image file into the page several times just feels a bit odd…

Thanks for help.

Best, Mari

I’d have a look at BannerStack. Might be exactly what you need.


Oh, I feel silly. I have that. Thanks!