Responsive image swap

Hi folks

I am using an extra content for banner image on my site. I’d like it to change to a different one on smaller handheld devices? How would I do that?

Thanks in advance


If you are using Stacks 3, you can easily show and hide stacks for different devices. For the banner that you want to show on desktop and tablets, hide it on mobile by clicking the mobile icon. Then add the new banner and click on the tablet and desktop icons to hide that on tablets and desktops.

It would be a nice option to make it possible to hide the code of the hidden stack too.

Contact Yourhead and request that. Right now, no matter which option you choose (as there are hiding stacks as well), the code always goes.

I will contact yourhead.

Wow - that is easy! I didn’t know you could have two stacks like that. Brilliant. Thanks!

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