Do we have Page/Scroll Down Stack?

Hello Weavers.

As you would notice mostly in One Page websites… there is a Page/Scroll Down arrow button. Wondering if there is a stack for that too. as for some of the themes this may not be an embedded feature. We do have a page up/scroll up stacks which triggers as the user scrolls down…assuming building one for the Page/Scroll Down would be similar??

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AFAIK most people use Joe Workman Screens for one page designs… there may be other options but it’s not something I am really into.

Now, Hipster Weaver has his Foundation based Quad Theme which might suit your needs as well.

RE: stack for that… no that I know of but I don’t know all stacks available either… someone else may have better solutions for you.


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Here are three i found on - there might be others as well:



Perhaps this one from NCD

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Thank you so much everyone…