Introducing.....Scroller Plus stack!

Hi All,

I released ‘Scroller’ stack back in May. Scroller allows you to add a scroll line on your web page that animates from 0% to 100% width as the user scrolls down the screen. It has been a really popular stack and is still is available for free to the RapidWeaver community.


I’m here now to introduce Scroller Plus which builds upon Scroller and adds 4 new scroll modes along with the option to add a ‘Scroller counter’ (which can display the percentage of the page that has been viewed).

Please check it out here. You’ll find links to view all of the different scroll modes on this page.

Any feedback / comments / questions welcome.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


And there was a great roundup / review of some of Shaking the Habitual’s other stacks that was published last week. You can read it over at Rapidweaver Central.


Cool :wink: got it :metal:

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Thanks to all who have downloaded this stack so far :slight_smile:

Isn’t it always the way though that once you have hit ‘submit’/‘send’/‘publish’ (or whatever), you suddenly think of something that you should have included?! Well that certainly happened to me with Scroller Plus…

I have now added a preview of this missing feature (which will come in v1.1 fairly soon) to the Scroller Plus web page - Scroller Messaging. This function will allow you to display different messages to the viewer as they scroll down the screen. These messages are triggered by the % down the page that the user has scrolled to.

Also, a few folk reported that there was an issue with the included code snippet for Scroller Counter. This has been updated now in the Paddle download. I’ll post it here too in case that’s easier for people: <span id="scrollerCounter">0%</span>. (This code can be added to any text stack and will display the % of the page viewed. You’ll see an example of this at the bottom of the Scroller Plus web page).


6 Euro?? not free?

Scroller is free. Scroller Plus has more functionality and is paid for.

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