One page theme - "pages" slide instead of scroll

Hi all,

Is there a theme out there that is a one-page site, but where the pages are contained in something akin to a slider as opposed to scrolling down for more content.

Ideally with buttons on the left and right to make it go back and forth or with tabs at the top or bottom of the page?

A search led me to Henk’s “Tabs” theme, but ideally I’d like a “slide-in” transition effect as opposed to a fade, and would like the material to come in from the left or right as opposed to coming in from below.



Joe Workman’s “Screens” might be ideal here:

It’s extremely impressive.

Thank you! I had looked at Screens initially, but did not initially see that it offered a “side to side” option. It does look like quite a theme, and I’m a fan of Joe Workman. Will check it out further. Thanks again.