Does anybody know what this is about?

Error: Could not copy /var/folders/tr/3w75cdj52hz6kvct721jk36r0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/stacks-2E7070D7-FC6C-41C6-BAD0-60EA681B02EF-YJ2h0f/stacks-image-603b4a8.jpg to /var/folders/tr/3w75cdj52hz6kvct721jk36r0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/14668/document-0x7f93b2c21c70/RWDocumentPagePreview/acupuncture and alternative treatment/page/files/stacks-image-603b4a8.jpg.

Hi P J Cousin!

Under what circumstances did you get this error: that will help us to help you troubleshoot it?

Generally you do not need to do anything in the /var directory tree: they’re mostly system, private, temporary, cache and swap space files.

It was an image file that failed to copy. Was it when you were trying to move from Edit to Preview?

What happens when you Quit and relaunch RapidWeaver?

Even when you restart your machine?

Have you made any changes to the images you’re using in Stacks outside RapidWeaver?

Does it happen every time?

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Hello again, nobody seems to have replied to this post, but the consequences of this is that I cannot copy, publish or export, I would be grateful if someone would try to make sense of this bug
Thanks in advance


? Mark did answer…

Hello Mark, it is a bit weird, I build a new page on an existing website, very simple, text and images over two column; all going well, then I want to set tops and bottom margins so the images are not to close together; then when I go to view mode,i get the message, it is then impossible to export into a folder or publish. I closed down the file, restarted RW, it publish ok, with the margin for the images, then I added a few more stacks with text and images, got the same message again, then ok after restart

Because of the location (the /var tree) which seems to be where the error is, I wonder if you are changing files at the filesystem level - something that it’s wise to avoid.

Please give details of which stack(s), and exact version of RW you are using.

And what else you are doing -


When you add

which are they and which versions?

Also, what OS X version are you on?

I am on high Sierra 13.6 and the latest version of rapid weaver

I do not mess up with th system; in this instance it was just adding a page to a site; I am using stack 4amd the latest update of RW8
I think it looks like a missing resource of some kind: my guess is that RW Iis trying to copy something in the car tree, but in that folder the file discribed in the warning does not exist

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Yes, looks likely.

Does this happen when you create an entirely new project?

Does this happen when you create an entirely new project and reproduce/replicate the exact operation of adding pages etc in that new project?

sorry about the misspelling as I was doing this from my iPhone, I do believe that the bug is about afile missing in the var tree

I am going to try to replicate the issue by opening a new project and copying and pasting the various stacks causing the problem, and let you know

Good; let us know how this goes - good, solid troubleshooting procedure. Let is know the exact stacks etc in question.

No worries about the typo: car, var, bar - even star: they’re all completely understood!

the copy from a temp directory to the preview directory of an image failed. why it failed is hard to tell.

either the image doesn’t exist or there is a permissions problem with the image or temp directories.

we should probably triage this into three categories:

  • fluke
    problem: there was an error on a hard drive and something failed once and now things are back to normal.
    solution: carry on. reexamine the issue if it happens again.

  • isolated
    problem: the problem happens over and over, but other people don’t see the same problem if they do the same thing. in other words, it’s isolated to just this project or just this machine.
    solution: fix the machine – probably a permissions problem. fix the project – maybe delete the offending page and re-create

  • bug
    problem: other people can repeat the issue when doing the same thing on their machines
    solution: let me know.
    or better yet, check the stacks public bug tracker to see if the problem is already documented and if not add it to the list.

I think it’s an image problem, I fixed the permission of one image and forgot to do the same for the other one (they come from an old external hard disk connected at some point to Time Machine and all permissions where lockedI think the problem is just with the pictures and it somehow created a bug that keep on going, it is only this page that has the problem, RW need to copy into a temporary cache before exporting, in this case it cannot, if I quit and restart, it then copy normally, export normally and publish normally.
If at start a new project, and copy the page into a new project, it’s all ok

It’s hard to know exactly how your system is set up, but I’d suggest making sure that all your resources (such as these image files) are in the same place, on a local drive, and with permissions which RW can use and work with.

It’s good to know what was triggering the problem. And even better that you’re now moving forward again. Nice work in tracking that one down. :raised_hands:

That said, this is still a Stacks bug – not in the traditional sense of the word, but a bug nonetheless. Sometimes files aren’t readable. That’s a normal part of comuting, so Stacks should behave a bit better, report the issue more gracefully.

If you do have some info on how I could reproduce this issue then feel free to send it my way or post it to the bug tracker – even if what you have is incomplete or not very much, that’s OK.

I’ve copied the error message you posted above to this bug report, just to get the ball rolling.

However, please don’t feel obligated to do anything more. This is purely good-semaritan above-and-beyond effort.


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