Does the Video Wall require a YouTube API to work?

Just purchased the Video Wall stack from @joeworkman. I can’t get it to work out of the box. It does have a new setting that I can’t find any info on on Joe Workman’s website for a YouTube API.

Is the YouTube API necessary for a YouTube feed to work?

Yes, you do need an API for it to work.

Thank you, that really is helpful.

This really should be in the stack documentation.

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Any idea how to restrict the key so it works with RW preview?

Not sure what you mean about restricting the key?

Enter the key in the stack info panel and Videowall does work in RW preview.

The tooltip when you hover over the API Key window is the guide here. All of Joe Workman’s stacks have good tooltips to guide users.

Thanks @Ruyton. I have restricted the API to my domain. I’m wondering what I would need to add to have it work when testing in RW preview?

The tooltip is fine, but for something that stops the stack working, it really should be in the documentation. Joe Workmans promo video and tutorial mention nothing of the API and nor does the very sparse documentation.

Without your help, this stack would have been a failure.

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